Oz Mega 2012 - New stuff

We've been saving a few things to release at the OZ Mega event 2012. And well, here they are !

Some highlights:

  • 3 new styles of modern ammo cans
  • Groundspeak caps
  • Groundspeak official first aid kits
  • Dark coloured pre-form tubes - ready to hide
  • Geocaching wristbands. Lots of different colours. 
  • New smaller magnetic hooks. 
  • Neodymium magnets - lots of different kinds.
  • Clear mini decon containers
  • Nato decon containers back in stock !!! This time as a cache kit.
  • Geocache logo cufflinks.
  • Otterbox Geocache containers
  • New larger magentic keyholder containers.
  • Geostuff.com.au Sigg brand 600ml metal water bottles.
  • Paintball canister geocache containers.