Official Groundspeak Telescoping Inspection Mirror/Magnet Tool


Official Groundspeak Telescoping Inspection Mirror/Magnet Tool


Finally, these incredibly popular inspection tools are back in stock!

Micro Mirror/ Magnet Tool - Quickly spot those pesky micros and nanos using this micro Telescoping Inspection Mirror. Closed, it's small enough to fit in  your pocket. Fully extended, this tool makes the search under park benches easier than ever. Use the extension side to inspect dark cracks and crevices where spiders and other creatures may be hiding. It also features a magnetic pickup tool on the end.

Features include:

  • Fully closed length 13.3cm (5.25in)
  • Extends to 64cm (25in)
  • Extendable end has a magnet for picking up metal caches and other items
  • Includes a 3.8cm (1.5in) round mirror on a ball joint allowing viewing at any angle
  • Handle is a nice blue colour and features the official logo

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4.3 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
michelle dagg from geelong on Dec 12, 2018
haven't had a chance to use it yet, but i have been playing with it around the house, what a awesome tool, value for money, and will be definitely buying from you again
Rampske from geelong on Mar 15, 2016
Got one of these a while ago but lost it whilst caching so bought another. Tool is good quality, magnet is strong and although it is small, the mirror is OK. But value for money isnt great, I was apprehensive buying it for $16. sure Groundspeak sells the m to you and then the price bump up but still, I felt a bit ripped off
Response from
Mar 15, 2016
Hi Rampske,
Groundspeak sells this item for $US12.99, which in today is $AUS 17.41. So we actually sell them at a lower price than Groundspeak themselves. There is no Australian "price bump", on the contrary.
Karen from Melbourne on Jul 27, 2014
This perfect for those little 'just out of the way' spots that you can't crane your neck quite far enough to see into, or the ledges that are above head height. We bought this as a just in case kinda tool and have used it time and time again.
Zuzanna from Victoria on Dec 25, 2013
I got this for the magnetic tip, which works very well, but surprisingly it is the mirror that has come in really handy. It is big enough to see in and I have used it many times to check out potential hiding spots that I couldn't easily reach by hand. Glad I got this for my caching toolkit!
avoloz from Cairns on Dec 12, 2013
This mirror/magnetic tool is a fantastic little new tool in my GC kit. The emphasis is more on little. In particular, the mirror is ok but on the smaller side.
Eileen from Taupo on Dec 12, 2013
Have not used this item as I purchased it for a gift - but will probably have to get one for myself too!

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