Event and Cache Sponsorship.



Organised geocaching events are great fun !  A great place to make new friends, and learn about the hobby. As well as, in my experience, eat sausages. And they are even better when there are prizes for the First-to-Find or other competitions !  

Sometimes Geostuff.com.au sponsors organised Geocaching.com events / CITO events in Australia with prizes, vouchers or other services. Perhaps containers, gift vouchers etc. If you would like us to sponsor your event please email john@geostuff.com.au with details of :

  • The planned event, and/or it's GC code if it's already published
  • The number of attendees you expect
  • The sponsorship/prizes that are being requested. If you don't know, that's fine, I'd be happy to make some suggestions.

Very Special Caches / Cache ideas

We recently sponsored the Australian cache Bifrost, the most difficult cache in the world. In it's early days, we recognised that it was quite special, and the cache owner was already offering a Geostuff.com.au gift voucher as a FTF prize. We sponsored the cache further and doubled the gift voucher. 

If you have a very special cache in mind, we'd be interested in talking to you about provision of a FTF prize. Please email john@geostuff.com.au