Reward of $1000 for the recovery of each of the original Australian "Project Ape" game pieces

In Early 2001, Groundspeak ( placed 12 special game pieces around the world.

Of the 12 Project A.P.E game pieces deployed around all around the world, There were two game pieces placed in Australia:

  • Wattle Park - Burwood, VIC
  • Byron Bay, NSW

Both of the game pieces and their contents went missing in 2001, and most likely have been found by accident and taken home by a local, kids, park workers etc. They may be being used as storage in a garage somewhere, holding junk in the shed or be hiding in a storage unit.

These two game pieces are an important piece of history and of significant interest to the sport of Geocaching, so is offering pay $1000 (Australian Dollars) for each of the two original Australian Project Ape geocache containers "No questions asked"

If you possess one of these containers - or know of their whereabouts please email, or by filling out the form below.

Terms and conditions:

  • To be eligible for the $1000 payment, the cache container must be in original condition with original markings clearly visible. For instance - not over painted and complete. 
  • Geostuff will verify the authenticity of any container presented with Groundspeak Inc, and may reject any container presented for any reason. 
  • Geostuff will pay the  $1000, by bank deposit only for each container within 30 days of possession of the container and the completed validation process.
  • There is no expiry date on this offer.
  • is only interested in the original Project A.P.E ammo can cache containers. Any attempt to pass off a reproduction/fake as an original will be treated as fraud.
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