Battery Carriers 4xAA or AAA

Battery Carriers 4xAA or AAA


The ideal solution to the problem of your GPS batteries rattling around in your geocaching bag. Each carrier holds up to 4 AA or AAA batteries.

The boxes clip together so you can carry multiple boxes without them getting lost in your bag. Handy!

Perhaps you have AA rechargables, and need to carry multiple sets, but it's tricky to identify which ones are charged and which aren't?  

Batteries not included!


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4.7 out of 5, based on 15 reviews
Chris from Wellington, NZ on Jul 02, 2015
Have an eight slot battery holder but that was a bit much to be carrying around everywhere. This four holder means I can now more comfortably get through a whole days caching. It's much better sized and protects the batteries well.
magpiecottage from Hillgrove, NSW on May 05, 2015
Keeps batteries together and protected and so easy to find in my Geo kitbag, I bought 2
Darzee Di from Canberra on Mar 10, 2015
I bought one of these a couple of months back and just had to get another one, so great to put spare batteries in one for the big back pack and one for the bum bag :)
Chris McEwen from Launceston on Feb 10, 2015
very handy for extra battries
Karen from Melbourne on Jul 27, 2014
So handy, no more batteries hiding in the crevices in the bottom of the geopack!
Kerry from Queensland on Jun 17, 2014
Great size and very handy
Nellie from Christchurch, New Zealand on Jun 15, 2014
Very handy
Hazey1 from Tyabb on Jan 25, 2014
Great little container to manage the loose batteries in the caching kit.
Zuzanna from Victoria on Dec 25, 2013
Really simple yet does a great job of keeping rechargeable batteries safe and from getting knocked around.
Spy Inc, from Numurkah on Nov 27, 2013
These battery carriers are great as I use rechargeable batteries and I keep them in pairs of date of purchase. Not mixing a new battery with an old one which might cause the gps to stop earlier.
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