Bison Tube Pack of 10


Bison Tube Pack of 10


Have you ever had that moment where you know that you are close, but need the hint to put you over the top? Do you ever read that hint and then think you are looking for a very large nomadic grazing bovine?

What you are really looking for is one of these! They come with a rubber o-ring to keep the elements out, and key ring for hanging. No Logstrips as they work out to a crazy price of just $1.15ea! Mixture of Black and Silver.

Tube is approximately 41mm long (not including the ring) and 13.84mm in diameter.

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Kasia (OSHFAM) from Victoria on Nov 28, 2020
Great set of bisons which are great value and quality. Even though they don't come with log sheets, it clearly states they do not and it's no big deal. You can buy individual bisons with logs separately or log sheets in packs which overall still works out cheaper if you were to buy all of them individually.
Good even mixture of silver/black. Not biased to one colour over the other. If you want just black or just silver, then buy them individually as this clearly is a mixed colour offering.

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