Bison® XL Capsule- Black


Bison® XL Capsule- Black


Have you ever had that moment where you know that you are close, but need the hint to put you over the top? Do you ever read that hint and then think you are looking for a very large nomadic grazing bovine?

What you are really looking for is one of these containers from Bison Designs! A pioneer in geocaching containers, Bison Design micros are the standard in the industry. These containers come with a rubber o-ring to keep the elements out, a small and large key ring, and feature the official Geocaching logo. This big tube design even gives some room for some small swag!

These containers use micro log sheets (sold separately).

Tube is approximately 75mm long with a 19mm interior diameter.

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Kasia (OSHFAM) from Melbourne on Jan 23, 2021
Great sized container. Slightly bigger/fattter than the non camo bisons (ever so slight though). Included log strip a bonus. Good quality. Now to find a place to hide this sneaky little sucker.

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