Cache Me If You Can Board Game

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Cache Me If You Can Board Game
  • Cache Me If You Can Board Game
  • Cache Me If You Can Board Game
  • Cache Me If You Can Board Game


There are an estimated 6 million people geocaching and now you can bring that kind of fun to your living room. For those times when you and some friends just want to go on the hunt without going out, now you can.
It’s all here! Caches, geocoins, hazards, multi-caches, puzzle caches, and even muggles.
Just like real geocaching, there are surprises along the way!
Cache Me If You Can! will never play the same way twice!

The forth edition of Cache Me If You Can! adds health, battery power, cache and terrain difficulty levels.

Each player may move their piece up to 3 spaces along the trails and roads, otherwise they “explore” one space at a time. You will choose which direction to travel and where to explore or maybe you will decide to go to the store and build up more equipment. Equipment allows you to take specialized caches (like Night Caches) and provides you with protection. Points are earned by collecting caches and Geocoins. Point values are based on the difficulty of the cache type. Some caches will contain Geocoins. Geocoins will all have their own goal that can be accomplished for additional points. Event cards add twists and give players the ability to tip the game in their favor. It’s not like any other board game you have played! Here is a Youtube video on how to setup and play


  • 3- game boards
  • 4- wooden player pieces
  • 4- player game boards
  • 22- health tokens (actually there is extra in case you lose some of your health!)
  • 4- battery level cube
  • 46- Equipment cards
  • 18- Event cards
  • 1- 10 sided dice
  • 108- Caching tiles
  • 32- Cache difficulty tokens
  • 12- Geocoins
  • 12-Cache Assist Tokens (Attempt, Phone a Friend, Luck, Decode)
  • Cool Ammo Can like box
There are layers of the game that change the strategy each time you play.

The Game Boards
The trail heads are located by different buildings, where the boards are placed changes the difficulty in getting to those buildings.
Boards can be set side to side making deeper woods as opposed to the boards being set up off of two trail heads. This also changes how some events play out.

Game Tiles
This is the most randomizing factor in the game. However, Map tiles and the ability to look at some of the tiles from the store reduces the “randomness” of landing on a card. If you know what is out there you can prepare for it.

The store allows you to choose one of three Equipment cards or draw one at random. Deciding which piece of Equipment that you would like to select will be based on what Caching Area tiles you know are out there and the general strategy that you chose to take.

Some Event Cards have immediate effects, this is a random effect. Other Event Cards can be saved to be used during your turn or at any time. Deciding when to use these cards and what cards you have will change each time you play.

Each Geocoin has a goal that triggers its point value. Do you chase after a cache or do you go after the Geocoin’s goal?

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