Fake Rock Grey Geocache Container with logstrip


Fake Rock Grey Geocache Container with logstrip


***PLEASE NOTE*** This is a bulky item and will not trigger enough postage if a single one is purchased by itself. The minimum postage for this item is $10.60 Please select this at checkout

This cache container is the classic grey rock cache container...well its actually a repurposed Key hider, but you know that. They come with a "Rite in the Rain" cache logstrips and ziplock baggy. These rocks themselves measure approx. 6cm by 9cm, and have a small plastic cover to keep the log in place.

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4.4 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Jamie from VIC on Jun 12, 2020
The perfect way for a quick, ready to go hide! looks very good and great value.
tupaismum from VIC on Mar 27, 2020
These rocks are the best, is already in use and waiting to be found.
Hipperooni from NSW on Jan 16, 2020
This thing can be extremely sneaky and sometimes even frustrating to find, perfect! It's got a good bit of weight to it for its size which'll stop it from rolling away. Only wish it had a bit more room inside but it fits the log perfectly well.
TheCuriousKiwis from Auckland on Apr 28, 2019
This is such a good quality rock! We actually found one whilst caching a few days before the order arrived and it looked SO GOOD! Thanks :)

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