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Electrical Outlet Geocache Container


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This popular cache container is a fake magnetic electrical cover plate. Comes with rare earth magnets for a solid fit, and resistance to rain. Supplied with two "Rite in the Rain" cache logs.

Typical outlet size, approx. 10cm x 5cm.

Place it on a building, metal pole, light, etc for a really really tricky hide. 

In a good location, this cache will last for years. In fact, we've even seen one placed so well, that the city workers actually painted around it!

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4.3 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
Bernie from Donald on Nov 07, 2015
Have found one of these in my travel and thought how nifty. Decided to try one myself.
Nick from New Zealand on Nov 15, 2014
Great hides these make, would have preferred the magnets attached like other ones I have seen, but other than that, a good product.
Roger from NZ on Sep 18, 2014
Have seen these before but still a sneaky hide. Will leave outside to "age" for better camo
holidays4eva from Toowoomba on Sep 09, 2014
This is such a sneaky little cache! I can't wait to hide it! The magnets are much stronger than I thought they'd be :)
Brad from Coffs Harbour on Jul 01, 2014
Good product, but the magnets supplied are only very small and removable. I was under the impression that they were fixed.
Chris from Wellington, NZ on Jun 06, 2014
These are great in an urban setting and camouflage in well. Have set a number out now and always enjoy reading the comments from finders. Before placing, I tend to "age" them with exposure to the weather to take the 'newness/shininess' off first - makes them blend in better. Evil, I know but great.
Kym Chamberlin from New Zealand on May 30, 2014
I LOVE these hides!
Mel from Kiara, Western Australia on Jan 25, 2014
Pure evil, love it !
Phil from Sydney on Dec 22, 2013
Great camoflage item, and I really liked the fact that the magnets were not so strong that it was difficult to remove from its hiding place. Magnet strength just right.
WyldMan92 from Victoria on Mar 20, 2013
Great camo on these fellas unfortunatly not all that sturdy and if rough-housed will break. easy to fix with abit of metal bond.
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