Eureka Stockade Southern Cross Flag Travel Tag

Eureka Stockade Southern Cross Flag Travel Tag


Exclusive to - Made in Australia

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According to Wikipedia: "The Eureka Flag is a design; a dark blue field with a central white symmetric cross consisting five eight-pointed stars, representing the Crux constellation. The design was first used for the war flag of the Eureka Rebellion of 1854 at Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Rebels swore an oath to the flag as a symbol of defiance at its first flying at Bakery Hill and 22 were killed at the Eureka Stockade defending the original flag (now held at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery). The flag design has gained wider notability due to its adoption in Australian culture as a symbol of democracy, protest and a wide variety of other causes. It is listed as an object of state heritage significance on the Victorian Heritage Register and was named as a Victorian Icon by the National Trust in 2006"

 This travel tag is manufactured right here at Geostuff an features a high resolution and durable image on the front. 



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McL from Ballarat, Vic on Jun 05, 2013
We are going to take this to NZ to travel. Very appropriate for cachers from Ballarat!

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