Fake Dome Nut Geocache Container


Fake Dome Nut Geocache Container
  • Fake Dome Nut Geocache Container
  • Fake Dome Nut Geocache Container


***PLEASE NOTE*** This is a bulky item and will not trigger enough postage if a small number are purchased by themselves. The MINIMUM postage for this item is $10.60 ***Please select this at checkout***

This Dome Nut has a sneaky secret. Fitted with a Neodymium Ring magnet. Can be attached to any ferrous object (gates, railing etc)
Includes a Geostuff Log Strip in a tiny baggy 

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4.8 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Jamie from VIC on Jun 12, 2020
Perfect for a quick hide, magnet is strong. It is very well built and great value for the price!
day1976 from Victoria on May 29, 2020
This worked perfectly. We had such a tight squeeze to get a geocache into this location. With many other geocaches very close on all sides, we had only a few square meters to work with because of proximity rules. A piece of metal was available in this space and nothing else would have worked except for this.
Hipperooni from NSW on Jan 16, 2020
This little cache is perfect for making a micro a tad bit more interesting! Magnet is surprisingly strong and the thread is quality.

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