Fake Chewing Gum Container


Fake Chewing Gum Container
  • Fake Chewing Gum Container
  • Fake Chewing Gum Container
  • Fake Chewing Gum Container


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Don't worry it's not real gum!

These original items have been especially produced to look as close as they can to the real thing..

The fake gum, slips over a standard nano which is included with 1 log roll. The nano is waterproof and the nano size log is made of write in rain paper. Very easy to hide! Simply place under a park bench etc. This will blend into any natural environment.    Enjoy countless hours of laughs reading your logs after you hide this devious little cache! Available in Pink and Grey

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4.7 out of 5, based on 12 reviews
day1976 from Victoria on May 29, 2020
Gum doesn't sit flush with nano, but easily fixed. Providing everyone re-stretches it after each find it should be good.
Hipperooni from NSW on Feb 05, 2020
For people that think nano's are boring, this is the perfect bit of sprucing up that a nano needs.
rachel_msgs@hotmail.com from Auckland on Apr 28, 2019
Was super excited to receive this cache as we had never seen anything like it! And it didn't dissapoint! It even squishes slightly... awesome!
Lena from WA on Nov 03, 2015
Super excited about this cache, it didn't disappoint. Only issue was gum doesn't sit flush. But it is something we can fix. :)
Nicole from Brisbane on Oct 06, 2015
Couldn't wait for this to arrive as I had already worked out where I had planned to place "my gum". Thankfully it arrived before the location was finished, and is now sitting (not-so-)pretty in its new home. Did have trouble making the log fit inside - was a hard one to get tight enough, but well worth the struggle in the end. A nice/nasty surprise out in the wild of Brissy just waiting for discovery :-)
Kym's Adventure from NT on Sep 14, 2015
geocache BF had told me about these, so I bought two (1 for me & 1 for him). I accidentally put it through the washing machine (in BFs shorts) - waterproof BIG TICK ✅ They look amazing, can't wait to hide this one
Jess from SW Sydney on Jan 18, 2015
This cache is DISGUSTING. So realistic I don't want to touch it myself!
I can't wait to hide it, I don't want to waste it, gotta find the PERFECT spot for such an awesome disguise.
AdamsFamilyof5 from New Zealand on Dec 03, 2014
A Christmas present for a 11YO family cacher - I think she will love it!
holidays4eva from Toowoomba on Sep 09, 2014
I love this container! It is top quality and I can't wait until I finally get to hide it :D Definitely money well spent!
jamie from Cairns NTH QLD on Mar 30, 2014
I haven't placed this yet but shown a few cacher friends and they are impressed with how real it looks. Awesome container.
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