Sticker Geocaching Logo Mini 25mm Round 8 Pack


Sticker Geocaching Logo Mini 25mm Round 8 Pack


These vinyl all weather stickers are great for labeling a smaller cache or look great on logbooks, GPS units and just about anything geocaching.
These are also great SWAG items or to give out at events! These stickers are sold 8 to a sheet, so when you buy one, you get 8 individual stickers!
Each sheet has 8 rounds stickers that are each approximately one inch in diameter.

These are peel and stick stickers and feature the official Geocaching logo. They are green/black


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5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Kasia (OSHFAM) from Victoria on Nov 29, 2020
I like these little stickers. They fit perfectly on the lids of my tube caches and on the side of the bisons. And anywhere else where you can't fit a bigger sticker if you want to identify your container as a cache. I use these a lot. They stick very well.
rhubarbroad from Tasmania on Dec 28, 2019
Using these a lot. Second order so far.

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