Logbook Long Micro Geocaching - Yellow - 200 logs


Logbook Long Micro Geocaching - Yellow - 200 logs
  • Logbook Long Micro Geocaching - Yellow - 200 logs
  • Logbook Long Micro Geocaching - Yellow - 200 logs


These logs books are contain 200 logs. They measure approx 90mm x 19mm , with a basic geocaching stash note on the front.

We've experimented with these and they are ideal for tube type containers but they are a little on the small for the 200ml food containers, but can be used as a compact solution. They can also be used in mint containers but need to be folded double.

We also have a larger version for 200ml+ food containers.

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4.6 out of 5, based on 15 reviews
Kasia (OSHFAM) from Victoria on Nov 28, 2020
Love these logbooks for when I use them in my long tubes. Good quality. They last well as they have space for 200 logs. Comfortable to write in.
OZGrumpy from Adelaide on Jun 02, 2020
I bought these in Oct 2018 and again in May 2020. They fit the long thin containers very nicely, have a glossy finish and look the part. I would be overjoyed with a version that was 10mm shorter.
Juc Cacher from vic on Mar 04, 2019
These look like they'll do the job perfectly. They need to be folded to fit in a mint tin, but that's no drama.
OZGrumpy from Adelaide SA on Oct 24, 2018
These books look great, cant wait to use them. Note - too long to fit into an eclipse tin though.
sue peake from south west rocks nsw on Oct 09, 2015
perfect, beats trying to cut and restaple exercise books
Trevor Smith from Ipswich on Aug 12, 2014
Good product, my second order.
mooreofthem from Singleton, NSW on Aug 05, 2014
Good little item to have in the cache kit.
Kym from New Zealand on Aug 05, 2014
was a little disappointed in these as they are quite bulky and one had completely fallen apart when I opened my package so I just banged a big staple thru it
Shani from Brisbane on Jul 14, 2014
Perfect thank you!!
Wayne from Ballarat, Vic on Jul 12, 2014
Very handy log at a great price.
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