UV Mini Blacklight Flashlight 12LED


UV Mini Blacklight Flashlight 12LED


Ideal for those tricky caches that require specialised UV light equipment to find hidden text etc. 

Body is Black Anodized Aluminium and the light itself consists of 12 LEDs.

It's pocket size, at only 70mm long. And runs on 3 x AAA batteries not included.  Weighs just over 60 grams without batteries.


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4.7 out of 5, based on 16 reviews
Kerrie from Melbourne on Sep 27, 2019
I purchased 6 of these for work for cleaning monitoring at a major hospital. We use these to detect glitter bug and how well it has been removed during the cleaning process. Working well for us. Great service and delivery.
TeamDIEL from QLD on Dec 10, 2018
Got one from my subscription box. Nice surprise!
Cool little TOTT! Not heavy, notbulky and doesn't switch on by accident!!!
Highly recommended!
Thank you!
Jason Button from Invercargill, New Zealand on Oct 02, 2015
This is a great compact UV touch, when combined with the UV pen, adds another element in hiding a great cache.
Gabby from Geraldton on Mar 23, 2015
Uv torch is brilliant and great fun for night caching and can be used during the day
Sonia from NSW on Mar 16, 2015
Great little torch, works well. Fits well into kit.
Richard from Hobart on Feb 02, 2015
Great size and value. Very handy for finding UV caches.
belinda from kingswood on Aug 23, 2014
perfect size for my kit for all the new UV caches being published
Karen from Melbourne on Jul 27, 2014
Great value for money. Very handy for finding UV caches and in creating your own.
flyingrally from Melbourne on Jun 23, 2014
Great unit for the price.
Ryan00 from Launceston on May 28, 2014
Good handy torch for making my own uv caches.
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