Static Cling Geocaching Travel Bug®


Static Cling Geocaching Travel Bug®


Instantly make any vehicle window trackable with this Static Cling Travel Bug sticker! This clings to the inside of your vehicle window. This static cling is approximately 19.5cm" x 10.1cm". Please note that these static clings may not show through darker windows. Every Travel Bug tracking number gets its own page on where you can keep track of its movements or discoveries.

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4.8 out of 5, based on 17 reviews
LilDonna_ from Riverina on Dec 29, 2019
Bought it for my GeoKids for Christmas. They loved them, She could not wait to get it on her car, and he is dying to get it on his motorbike when it arrives from Queensland.
Jenny from Central Qld on May 20, 2019
I admit I bought this as an afterthought. It's activated but not yet attached. It looks like it will be good but we just have to work out the best spot to place it.
ZimbaW from Queanbeyan, NSW on Feb 04, 2019
I had to get a new one because I broke my last one, after many years of loyal service. How? I smashed the back windscreen of the geovehicle in a parking incident. :) Thanks for the quick delivery, Geostuff
Rosie from Smithfield NSW on Jul 14, 2017
Love this product! I not only bought one for me, but also one for a gift! Its not big at all and is the perfect addition to any and every car.
Jamie from Somerset, England on Sep 11, 2015
When you are out caching you always get the feeling that other cachers are about, now you will know!
Easy to fit and set up your page on now to see who will find!
Nicole from Bridgeman Downs on Aug 15, 2015
Yay! Happily received my travel bug today - had to buy the large one as small ones were sold out, but desperately wanted to make my small car trackable, so was worried how big it was going to look. Looks great on the car though - just waiting for all the discoveries it gets!
Rebecca from Qld on May 27, 2015
Since I started caching I wanted to turn our car into a trackable. Never new this existed until I saw it on here. Been discovered twice still waiting to be discovered again.
Shelley Adams from New Zealand on Dec 03, 2014
Had wanted to turn the car into a travel bug since 2013 Mega... finally purchased. Just waiting for discoveries...
Michael from Geelong on Sep 14, 2014
Love it! I've been wanting to make my car trackable for a long time and this product has now allowed me to do so. A great product
mooreofthem from Singleton, NSW on Aug 05, 2014
Great Bug and very easy to use; now to be discovered.....
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