Red Centre Experience Event 2017 - Official Polo shirts backorders closed 24/4/2017

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Red Centre Experience Event 2017 - Official Polo shirts backorders have now closed. We will be placing the order with the manufacturer shortly, please watch this space!


Fire Mystery Munzees Available at 15:01 today !

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The new "Fire Mystery" Munzees will be available at 15:01 today Melbourne time. 

They will be available here at the $AUD equivalent of $USD19.95 for a 10 pack. (Note that they aren't visible until 15:01)



Geostuff exclusive Reseller Munzee Stickers - available now !

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The Reseller Unique Munzees are a new kind of physical Munzee sticker. There are 7 different versions to collect, and each is only available from each of the corresponding Official Munzee Resellers around the world. 

This is the Geostuff one ! It features the Geostuff logo and the Australian flag.  Available here:


  • Each "RUM" sticker is coded as a generic for any player.
  • Capture - 15 points
  • Deploy - 25 points
  • Cap On - 10 points
  • On the map, all types of "RUM"s will all have the same generic icon. However, when you capture a "RUM" you will not only receive that icon, but a specific icon for the reseller who sold the Munzee.
  • A single icon will be earned for any Reseller Unique Munzees captured no matter which reseller the Reseller Unique Munzee is from. Plus another icon for that specific reseller. For example, if you capture 5 RUMs from Reseller A, and 5 RUMs from Reseller 5, you will receive 10 generic reseller icons, plus 5 icons from Reseller A and 5 icons from Reseller B.
  • The "RUM"s will have associated capture and deploy badges - coming soon.


Reward of $1000 for the recovery of each of the original Australian "Project Ape" Cache containers

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In Early 2001 - Groundspeak ( in conjunction with 20th Century Fox placed 12 special geocaches around the world to promote the release of the movie "Planet of the Apes".  These caches were known as Project A.P.E. or "Alternative Primate Evolution". These caches are an important piece of Geocaching history. Only one of these caches still exists - in Brazil.

If you have more information - please fill in our online form.

Of the 12 Project A.P.E caches deployed around all around the world, There were two caches placed in Australia - 

Both of the cache containers and their contents went missing in 2001, and most likely have been found by accident and taken home by a local, kids, park workers etc. They may be being used as storage in a garage somewhere, holding junk in the shed or be hiding in a storage unit.

These two caches are an important piece of history and of significant interest to the sport of Geocaching, so is offering pay $1000 (Australian Dollars) for each of the two original Australian Project Ape geocache containers "No questions asked"

The cache containers themselves are large ex-military metal ammunition cans, they are dark green and clearly marked in paint as being "Project Ape" caches, and the Project A.P.E. logo (similar to the logo above).

If you possess one of these containers - or know of their whereabouts please email

Terms and conditions:

  • To be eligible for the $1000 payment, the cache container must be in original condition with original markings clearly visible. For instance - not over painted and complete. 
  • Geostuff will verify the authenticity of any container presented with Groundspeak Inc, and may reject any container presented for any reason. 
  • Geostuff will pay the  $1000, by bank deposit only for each container within 30 days of possession of the container and the completed validation process.
  • The reward offer will end at midnight on 31st December 2015 or before if both cache containers are recovered. 
  • is only interested in the original Project A.P.E ammo can cache containers. Any attempt to pass off a reproduction/fake as an original will be treated as fraud, and will be reported to the police. 
    If you have more information - please fill in our online form.


    Geostuff is now an Official Garmin Australia dealer - try a Garmin GPS out hands on !

    Share this post TFUPM Posted November 21, 2014 is proud to announce that we have become an official Garmin Australasia Outdoor GPSr Dealer !

    All Garmin devices and accessories are sourced from Germin in Australia, and delivered securely by All devices and accessories are supported and guaranteed by Garmin Australasia.
    Try them out hands on: As has a retail store in Thornbury, Melbourne Australia, customers can visit us and try out Garmin GPS devices in a Geocaching context. We have a number of Garmin demo devices available for you to try.
    Australia Only: As part of our agreement with Garmin Australasia, we are only able to sell Garmin devices and accessories in Australia only. Sorry New Zealand!


    Geocaching, Munzee and Ingress with the Apple iPhone 6

    My iPhone 6 128Gb arrived on Saturday. A significant technological step up from the iPhone 4s. Now, I'd been hearing about possible incompatibility issues between the pre-installed iOS 8 and the app in particular, so I was keen to see if it worked on the iPhone 6. I was also keen to see how it performed (for Geocaching) compared to a Garmin Montana.


    Once the phone was set up properly, I recovered the data from a backup made from my iPhone4s.  I made sure that iOS and the relevant apps were all up to date.


    Now the fun part - trying the apps:



    Using the official iOS app. The app had remembered my login details from the 4s. The app used the full screen realestate on the 6, and seemed to function well. So time to find a couple of caches. The first notable difference was the actual speed of the app. The area I was in was jumping between 3G and 4G mobile coverage, so the performance improvement was all to do with the technology of the phone itself.

    The first cache found had already been found by my caching buddy. It was a classic "sit on the bench" type. Now of course, we are at the mercy of accuracy of the cache co-ords. But in this case, the iPhone 6 actually got to ZERO metres. Something I hadn't seen on the 4s. And the lock was quite solid, ranging from 1 to 3 metres, with an accuracy of +/-5m. My take is that the GPS appears to be quite significantly better than the 4s,

    The second cache was unfound by both of us. My caching buddy was using a Montana 650t as a comparison. There was plenty of tree cover. The Montana sent us off towards a bridge, while the iPhone 6 wasn't quite so sure. But over time the iPhone 6 settled down, and kept pointing over towards a tree, as the Montana did too. Cache was found under the tree, yay! The Montana and iPhone 6 seemed to be on par here.

    Conclusion: Seems to work well with official app. GPS seems to be very accurate, and an big improvement on 4s.





    Worked well, app filled the screen realestate. Scanner works well for deploy and find. I haven't found any issues.

    Conclusion: Works



    The Ingress app wasn't quite so straight forward. Upon firing up the app, it didn't fill the full screen realestate, and was unusable as on-screen control buttons were offset. Not good. But, upon setup,  I had set the iPhone 6 screen to "zoom" mode where the icons and text are a little larger. So I switched back to non-zoom regular mode, and the Ingress app filled the screen.

    As I was Ingressing in an area with 4G coverage, and the iPhone 6 clearly has a very fast processor, the performance of the Ingress app was notably excellent, and certainly a lot better than the 4s.

    Conclusion: Works - but not in "zoomed in" mode.


    Waterproof Log Book - immersed in water since 28th Jan 2012

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    On 28th January 2012 we wrote on one of our Large Waterproof Logbooks, and immersed it in a jar of water.

    While the pen ink we wrote on it is a bit the worse for wear, the logbook itself is fully intact and stable and the print is very clear.

    Good gear



    OZ Mega 2017 Announcement - Alice Springs

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    The Oz Mega Committee , Director of Tourism NT,Mark Crummy, Minister for Tourism Central Australia ,Matt Conlan ,Mayor of Alice Springs ,Damien Ryan and the local Alice Springs caching group are very proud to announce that the OZ MEGA ALICE SPRINGS Geocaching Mega Event is set for Easter , 2017.
    The Centre set to cash in on Geocaching
    Matt Conlan Minister for Central Australia, Minister for Tourism
    22 June 2014
    Alice Springs has been chosen as the site for an international GPS treasure hunt event which will attract up to 1,500 people from around the world.
    Minister for Tourism Matt Conlan said he was excited to announce the Geocaching Mega Event will be held at Easter in 2017.
    “This will be a fantastic event that will bring more tourists to the Centre while also providing invaluable international exposure for our region,” he said.
    Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon where participants use GPS technology on smart phones and apps to locate caches of various items at different locations on a type of treasure hunt.
    Mr Conlan said that there were more than six million geocachers worldwide and 62,000 of those are in Australia.
    “Tourism organisations around the world are encouraging geocaching to attract visitors and increase engagement with destinations and attractions,’’ he said.
    “Not only does a treasure hunt encourage visitation, it also enriches a visitor experience and extends the length of stay.
    “Alice Springs is quickly becoming a hot spot for geocaching and in addition to the announcement of the Mega Event to be held in 2017 was recently the site of the 2,000,000th worldwide ‘Geocache’.
    “All up there are 240 geocaches placed in Alice Springs and surrounds and about 1500 in the NT. The Territory has some extremely active geocachers – but in this slightly secretive sport, there are three teams in Alice Springs – known as 2 lost souls, Griffs90 and Redcentredazza – that are particularly prominent.
    “Geocachers are known to love the outdoors – which means walking, trekking, 4WDing, camping, caravanning and fishing all help in the pursuit of tracking and finding the Geocaches.
    “Many of the people coming to Alice Springs for this event will spend a lot of time travelling around the NT, and seeing a side of the Territory that few people appreciate. These people will become the perfect ambassadors for telling the world about their unique Territory experience – which is often the best kind of advertising.’’
    Oz Mega Event Organising Committee member Greg Shaw said a group from the organising committee went to Alice Springs last week to inspect facilities.
    “The home base will be at Blatherskite Park – which is a brilliant site and the facilities are excellent,’’ Mr Shaw said.
    “On top of that, the scenery is spectacular around Central Australia, which is perfect to appreciate and explore for people involved in this sport. This sport is growing at a rapid rate and we know those who come to the NT from will have an unforgettable experience.’’
    Mayor Damien Ryan said: “With its specular natural landscapes and top class tourism facilities, Alice Springs is the perfect host for the Geocaching Mega Event. We look forward to welcoming participants in 2017 to our iconic outback town.”
    All the details of the 55 acre venue site can been seen here..
    Over 200 powered sites will be available, unlimited flat camping spots, plenty of mens and ladies toilets and shower facilities plus security fencing all around. It’s only 2 km’s from the centre of town, has 5 bar mobile reception, on ground caretakers, and stunning views of the mountains seemingly within hands reach. Prices for registration and camping will be similar to our previous similar OZ MEGA events.$2,000 will go into a special fund with for the local “Caching in Alice “ group to use in the 6 months prior to set up plenty of small and medium sizes caches highlighting many spots.This will also compliment their own plans of a large distribution of caches in all directions.There will be a full Fireworks Spectacular using the colourful mountains as as scenic backdrop conducted by Team Crackers
    We welcome on board our Diamond Sponsor in the Alice Springs Council who will play a huge part in the event.
    We congratulate as a $5,000 cash Diamond Sponsor who will handle all the merchandise and be onsite with a triple stall within one of the many large buildings.
    We are very proud to announce the Major Sponsor for the event is Tourism NT & Major Sponsorship is a minimum $10,000 cash package and Tourism NT will also be using their resources for overseas advertising.
    We are proud to release tonight the official

    If you have not been to Alice Springs before ,please have a look at this video presentation of some of the caches and highlights of the venue , Alice Springs and other must see spots:

    Don’t forget to support the local “Caching out in Alice “ facebook group..


    More news re: OZ Mega Queanbeyan 2016 - new sponsor and other stuff

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    We are very proud to announce our next Sponsor of the OZ MEGA QUEANBEYAN event is Knightech Business Services which are a Canberra based company and a prominent caching team in Canberra known as Knightech.
    Event updates include availability of at least 150 powered sites which can be expanded to 300 and beyond if needed . At least 200 non powered sites will be available.
    Two semi trailers of toilets and showers will be on hand for the event . They will be constantly maintained by qualified staff for your convenience.
    All 9 indoor corinthian stalls are filled whilst 6 of the 8 outdoor 3m stalls are taken.
    St John Ambulance will be onsite 24 hours a day for the duration of the event together with a stall and medivac.
    The complex will see one large entry and exit gate. This will staffed by friendly volunteers who will greet geocachers from 8 am to 6pm whilst Canberra Security will guard everything else from 6pm nightly till 8am.
    Twighlight Cinemas are featuring for the 4 nights of the event with the large 4m x 10m outdoor cinema. All nightly entertainment will be projected onto the big screen from the high angles within the grandstand.
    A full fireworks spectacular will light up the skies together with the their stage affects and other surprises.This will be conducted by Team Crackers and Southern Cross Fireworks.


    The Oz Mega Queanbeyan 2016 Logo announced as a Yowie !

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    The Committee would like to announce that our themed character or the OZ MEGA QUEANBEYAN event at Easter in 2016 will be the Yowie

    The Yowie will feature on much of the merchandise on the website in the future .Our themed colour for the whole event will be blue.

    The bush on the outskirts of Queanbeyan has long been a supposed haunt of the Yowie. In 1912, The Queanbeyan Age reported that war hero and politician Colonel Ryrie heard stories of the creature since he was a child, and sightings were given weight by civic leader and businessman John Gale in his 1927 book, Canberra: History of and Legends Relating to the Federal Capital Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. Interest in the elusive beast peaked in the mid-1970s, when the Queanbeyan Festival Board offered a $200,000 reward for the capture of a Yowie after a man claimed he was confronted by a ''six foot tall, dark grey, hairy creature with its head merging into its shoulders'' near Googong Dam. The reward has yet to be claimed.